Efficiency of gamma radiation technology in decontamination of wastewater from Soba Station-Khartoum Sudan

Mahdi Haroun, Tisser khalid, Abdelazim Mohd Altawil, Gammaa Abdelgadir Mohd Osman, Eiman Elrashid Diab


In Sudan the expense of municipality treatment is expanding with more strict environmental obligations. Radiation technology for handling of industrial and domestic water supply is presently under study in many countries. The expenses for the wastewater treatment by radiation technology are comparable with that of the other modern technology of treatment systems. This study focuses on using of various radiation doses to handle samples of municipal wastewater collected from Soba wastewater station south of Khartoum-Sudan. The experimental results confirmed that some physicochemical parameters like pH, DO, BOD5, COD, TSS, FOG, and Total phenols were decreased with increasing absorbed doses. Other parameters like Electrical conductivity (EC) and Hardness were not affected by radiation doses. TDS, turbidity decreased up to 50 K rad and then increased with increased in radiation doses. All parameters are within the permissible level in Sudan for discharge to surface water. Gamma-irradiation has shown to be effective in removing organic contaminants from the sewage water and sludge. Gamma-irradiation opens door for possible reuse of irradiated sewage water and sludge. The whole experimental issues involving the management of disposed materials must be put in mind when we are assessing the benefits of applying technology of radiation for treating all municipality issues in Khartoum city.


Soba municipal, gamma radiation, chemical oxygen Demand, wastewater, biochemical oxygen demand, breakdown

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