Histomorphology of accessory sex glands in one-humped camel bull (Camelus dromedarius), Uda Rams and Red Sokoto Buck

Muhammad Abdullahi Mahmud, Josephat Edoga Onu, Sani Abdullahi Shehu, Abubakar Abubakar Umar, Abubakar Danmaigoro


Accessory sex glands of fifteen apparently healthy adult one-humped Camel bulls (OCB), Uda rams (UR) and Red Sokoto bucks (RSB) (Five per species) were collected from Sokoto metropolitan abattoir. They were then dissected out for routine histology using H&E. The size of muscularis and the number of secretory cells in the ampullary gland were observed to be highest in OCB, followed by UR and least in RSB. In the three species, the vesicular gland has tubular secretory glands and was separated into lobules by connective tissue trabeculae. Multiple acini were observed with an irregular folded lumen and were lined by simple columnar secretory cells. The prostate of OCB was observed to have highest amount of the interstitial connective tissues and rich in striated muscles which surround the lobules. Fibromuscular trabeculae extended into the parenchyma and most pronounced in OCB than other two species. The number of secretory acini appeared to be more in RSB than the other two species. The bulbourethral gland has numerous connective tissue and numerous trabeculae that originated from the capsule and divides the gland into lobules. Each lobule is populated by acini. In all the three species, the parenchyma is lobulated and consists of compound-tubulo-alveolar secretory end pieces. It was concluded that although results showed that the studied animals are different ruminant species, they exhibit some similarities and interesting histomorphological differences in their accessory sex glands compared to the majority of mammals

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