Prediction of Live body Weights in Dromedary Camels (Camelus dromedarius) from Morphometric Body Measurements

Abdelaziz Ahmed Fadlelmoula, Abdelaziz Ahmed Fadlelmoula, Mohammed Saeed Mudarris, Mohammed Salih Hariri


To predict the live body weight (LBW) of dromedary camel from morphometric body measurements (MBM) a regression equation was developed. A total of 223 camels (54 males and 169 females) from Makkah region of Saudi Arabia were classified into three age groups; first (<5 years old), second (5-8 years old) and third (>8 years old); two groups according to sex (male, female). LBW and 10 MBM were obtained. Data was subjected to statistical analysis. Results showed a significant (p<0.05) high mean LBW and MBM in males compared to females. A significant (p<0.05) positive correlations were encountered between LBW and HRG in all age groups, BG in third age group and males in second age group, HH and WH in first age group. The best fir regression equations were found to included HRG, BG and HG in the first and third age groups with R2 account for 90.59% and 93.82% respectively. Whereas in the second age group as well as pooled data the equation included HRG, BG, HH, HG and WH with R2 at level of 99.69% and 99.48% respectively. Multi-collinearity problem of MBM was not encountered as determined by VIF which was found to be less than 10. These formulas could be used for predicting LBW where weighing scales are not available.


Live body weight, morphometric body measurement; regression equation; variance inflation factor; correlation coefficient

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