Application of modern biotechnology and bioinformatics approaches in agricultural sciences; A systematic review

Muhammad Taqqi Abbas, Zahra Batool, Chaudhry Ali Ahmad, Hafiz Azhar Ali Khan, Adnan Akhter


In recent times, there has been a substantial surge in biological data owing to remarkable progress in molecular biology and genomic technology. With the growing demand for data storage and management tools, coupled with the surge in genetic data, there has been a corresponding rise in the availability of tools for analyzing, visualizing, modeling, and predicting large datasets. The proliferation of diverse datasets derived from a multitude of plant species has significantly broadened our comprehension, particularly within the realm of plant biotechnology. In the realm of "omics" methodology, proficient bioinformatics methodologies and tools are presently under development to facilitate expedited genome sequencing and the comprehensive analysis of plant genomes. The present investigation centers on the diverse applications of plant biotechnology bioinformatics and their potential to augment agricultural productivity. This study aims to analyze and assess the obstacles or constraints encountered in the field of plant biotechnology, which have impeded the advancement of plant genomes at a slower pace compared to animal genomes. To successfully examine the intricate details of the plant genome, bioinformatics methods must be strong egough which provides longer coverage. The area in plant biotechnology including the agricultural industry are expected to advance from the development of bioinformatics, as would mankind as a whole. The inclusion of computer based programs and data analysis tools in plant biotechnology has facilitated the indepth study of crop plants important for commerce and trade. Improved algorithm development is necessary to facilitate tasks such as data mining, analysis, comparison, and etc. Hence, the integration of novel techniques and information into bioinformatics for the advancement of plant biotechnology, the agricultural industry, and the future of humanity will heavily rely on the expertise of bioinformaticians.


Biotechnology; bioinformatics; plant study; modern agriculture; CRISPER/cas9;

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