Effect of chromium and lead on seedlings and yield contributing parameters of maize (Zea mays L.)

Jamshaid Ali Junaid, Huma Saleem, Khazina Jamshaid, Iram Sharif, Muhammad Azam Khan, Umara Sahar Rana, Saba Akram


The development and output of maize plants are impacted by heavy metals in a number of ways, and they also hinder a number of physiological processes. Humans have major health issues when heavy metals are present in their diet. This study examined the impact of several heavy metals (both singly and in combination) on maize yield and numerous yield-related parameters.  A replicated totally randomized factorial design was used to analyse eight parents—five lines, three testers, and their crosses. Data were recorded on days to 50% germination, fresh root length, fresh root weight, dry root weight, dry shoot weight, dry root to shoot weight ratio, chlorophyll content, and leaf temperature at seedling stage while yield contributing parameters like cobs per plant, grain rows per ear, grain yield per plant, and 100 grain weight were recorded after harvesting. These measurements were then analysed using line × tester analysis to determine the effects of combining ability and to evaluate the variations in heavy metals uptake in maize grain. With the exception of cobs per plant, all of the attributes in the combining ability analysis produced significant results.  The genotype Sulltan and hybrid (K54TMS × Agatti 84) were found to only absorb a minimal quantity of the metals (Cr and Pb) both separately and in combination. This suggests that they should be used in breeding programs going forward to increase the genotypes' resistance to heavy metal absorption.


combining ability, , heavy metals, morphological parameters, seedlings, yield, Zea mays

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33865/wjb.009.02.1158


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